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Traditional Upholstery

Re-upholstery is a wonderful way to preserve your furniture for many more years to come, whether it be a beloved family heirloom which needs a full re-build or you just want to breathe new life into your worn down piece with a beautiful new material.

Every piece of furniture which comes into the workshop is unique and is treated as such in every aspect of the upholstery process.  My bespoke service covers all types of recovery, repair and restoration from frame reconstruction, webbing and springing to replacement cushion covers.

People often worry that their piece of furniture is beyond help, but if a little sofa which was literally held together with duct tape (yes, duct tape!) can be saved from the brink, it's definitely worth exploring the idea of a full rebuild!

Working from the frame up using traditional materials and techniques,  your furniture can last for many more years to come.  

If your piece is structurally sound, I am also able to offer partial rebuilds to areas needing a little more TLC or just a recover to refresh the appearance if the fabric is tired and worn.  

Below are some of the traditional pieces of furniture which have recently been restored in the workshop.

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