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Modern Upholstery

I am able to offer re-upholstery and recovering for all types of furniture; from small dining chairs to large 3 piece suites and headboards.  I use modern methods and materials to give a fresh new start to tired furniture, or those with rips, tears, damaged springs or a lack of padding, which often proves more affordable than buying a new replacement.

Care  is taken to ensure all of the materials and build processes used are fully compliant with current UK Furniture and Fire Regulations, future-proofing your piece and giving you peace of mind when your furniture is back in your home.

I have a growing selection of beautiful and high quality fabrics from Sanderson, Linwood, Romo, Warwick, Abraham Moon & Sons, Kobe, Jim Dickens, Porter & Stone, Fryett's Fabrics and Art of the Loom, so plenty for you to choose from!

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