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  • How much will it cost to have my furniture re-upholstered? 

 Although I am able to provide typical prices for the re-upholstery of your furniture, it is difficult to cover all eventualities, as there is a wide range of possibilities within 're-upholstery' and each piece that comes into the workshop has different requirements.  Generally I like to come to you to assess the furniture in person in order to give a more accurate estimate for the job required. 

  • What types of upholstery do you do?

I am able to cover all types of traditional and modern upholstery including the following: Frame repair, Full Traditional rebuild, partial traditional rebuild, re-webbing, spring repair, full modern rebuild, partial modern rebuild, re-covering in material and leather. 

  • Is the fabric included in the Upholstery Price? 

I price for the upholstery labour and fabric separately, so if you are not sure between a couple of different fabrics I can provide a cost for both options without confusion as one fabric may be considerably more than the other.  If you are considering a patterned fabric this may also require more material to allow for pattern matching than a plain option. 

  • Do you collect and deliver? 

Yes, a collection and delivery service is included for customers within a ~ 20 mile radius of the workshop.  

  • How long will you have my furniture for? 

How long I have your furniture for is dependent on the work required.  We will be able to chat about timescales at our initial meeting!

  • Do you have fabrics for me to choose from? 

Yes, I have a growing range of fabric books from a selection of companies I like to work with including Linwood, Romo, Kirkby Design, Warwick Fabrics, Abraham Moon, Kobe, Porter & Stone, Jim Dickens and Art of the Loom.  I've tried to collect a wide range of prints, weaves and plains to suit every style so hopefully there should be something there you like. I'm excited to now be able to offer a beautiful range of fabrics woven with 100% recycled yarns by Kirkby Design! 

  • Can I use my own Fabric? 

Yes, If you have a fabric in mind you'd like to work with just let me know, I can measure up to provide you with the meterage required for the job.  Please also note that any fabric provided by the customer needs to be upholstery grade & supplied with a Fire Retardant Certificate; this is best arranged by your fabric supplier, they will ensure that it is accompanied by the necessary certificates. If your fabric is over 75% natural materials it may be possible to use an interliner with no treatment needed.  If in doubt, please ask! 

  • Are all the materials you use fire safe? 

Yes, all the build materials and top cover fabrics I use are treated with the relevant Fire treatments for domestic and contract upholstery.

  • Do you have any fabrics which are stain resistant?  I have Children and dogs to consider!

Yes! There are some fantastic new 'easy clean' ranges available with Fibre Guard technology, meaning water based spills and stains can be wiped off with just a damp cloth and maybe a bit of soap. And don't think these are just coated fabrics, think soft cottons, linens and plush  velvets!

  • Are you able to visit to look at my furniture to give a detailed quote? 

Yes, I would always advise that I visit you to assess your furniture prior to quoting, this ensures I can give an accurate estimate of any work needed and hopefully minimise the risk of any nasty surprises when it's in the workshop.  It also provides a great opportunity to have a good look through fabric samples in situ and accurately measure up for how much fabric will be needed. 

  • What sort of deposit do you require? 

I ask for a deposit of 30% of the overall cost of the work to be completed upon acceptance of the quote which is valid for a period of 3 months. 

  • When would I need to pay the balance? 

The balance is payable upon delivery of the completed furniture. 

  • Are you able to change the style of the furniture?

Yes, sometimes it is possible to make changes to the style of the upholstery to modernise the overall appearance if that's what is required.  This may be as simple as removing the skirting or painting the legs or even changing the scroll style at the front of the arms! 

  • Our sofa cushions have gone flat and uncomfortable, are you able to provide new inserts for my seat/ back cushions?  

Yes, there are loads of options when it comes to replacement cushions. Everything from traditional feather and down to Hollow Fibre and foam. We can chat through the look and feel you're after to ensure we get the right filling. 

Do you have a question which isn't above?  Please do get in touch and I'd be more than happy to chat through any queries you may have!

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