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A Fresh Start

For most people, 2020 turned our lives upside down. Having worked in the Wedding industry for over 7 years, corona virus swiftly put a stop to big celebrations and work at my beautiful venue came to an abrupt stop with no guidance to when events will be able to start again.

Luckily for me I had always run my little upholstery business - Olivia Jane Upholstery alongside planning weddings when time allowed, so I was easily able to fill the long days in lockdown (where I had all the time in the world) with upholstery. I absolutely loved it.

If anything, the slow pace of 2020 gave me the chance I needed to decide exactly what I wanted to do and creating beautiful items of furniture is just that!

So as the old saying goes, New Year New Me (or New year New Business), welcome to the world HoOJ - Home of Olivia Jane!

I'm truly excited to share more details on the HoOJ products I've been developing whilst still continuing with my traditional upholstery.

Watch this space!

Liv x

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